How to simplify endodontics with technology

How to simplify endodontics with technology

How to simplify endodontics with technology

Having the right technologies and tools in your arsenal can greatly streamline endo treatment.

Back when I was learning to do endo (of course this is when dinosaurs ruled the Earth and dirt had just started to form) there were not a lot of choices for any part of the procedure. Back then it was basically:

  1. Access
  2. Get working length via radiograph
  3. Hand file
  4. Step back
  5. Check fit/length of gutta percha master cone(s)
  6.  Fill with gutta percha

7.      The process was time consuming, inefficient and difficult to perform. In fact, it was so difficult that most general clinicians preferred not to be involved with it. Instead, the majority of root canals were referred out to specialists. Anteriors, and sometimes premolars, were treated in house, but many of those, and especially molars, were referred.

8.      While this did spare the general dentist the frustration of doing the procedure, the entire process of the referral introduced a whole new type of inefficiency into the system. Because so few root canals were performed in general dentistry settings, endodontists were sometimes overwhelmed with the volume of patients. This meant that patients frequently waited longer than they preferred for treatment and consequently the comprehensive dentistry being done in the general dentist’s office also took longer to complete.

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