How to increase case acceptance with 3Shape TRIOS MOVE

How to increase case acceptance with 3Shape TRIOS MOVEHow this new system can be used to include patients in the treatment planning process.

Communication with your patients is one of the most important parts of presenting treatment options. You know an optimal path forward, and you can visualize the successful end result, but sometimes convincing a patient to proceed with verbal description alone can be a real challenge. 3Shape TRIOS® MOVE is a big step forward in patient communication and can help to increase case acceptance rates.

3Shape TRIOS is a high-tech intraoral scanner that transmits images to a nearby computer to allow for quick viewing and sharing of scans and images with patients. The old saying, “seeing is believing,” is even more relevant here, as patients can really see what’s going on inside their own mouths instead of relying on a verbal description or hard-to-read X-rays.

The new TRIOS MOVE takes sharing to the next level, with the computer and scanner positioned on a wheeled module that can easily travel to different exam rooms as needed. This apparatus has a flexible arm that allows the viewing screen to be brought down to each patient’s level and positioned at any angle to enable him or her to see what the dentist sees while suggested procedures are explained. Procedures play out on screen in front of patients via the TRIOS MOVE treatment simulator, showing patients the end result using their actual teeth and gums.